Our Story

Rio Soul Live Active is a modern active and beach wear brand combining the soul of Rio with Australia’s coastal active lifestyle. The driving force behind the creation of Rio Soul is Fabio Mateus, Brazilian born and at home in Australia with a background in engineeringFabio’s passion for the ocean and extreme sports, teaching surfing on Australia’s beachesled to the inspiration of the Rio Soul Live Active project.  

Our headquarters are in Sydney,  we are an Australian Ltd company (with an ABN) as well as a Brazil Ltd . We have warehousing and distribution in both countries .

began the planning and initiation of the project in 2019 after realising that my two worlds, Brazil and Australia, have a common feeling and culture of the active beach lifestyleand this inspired me of the possibility for fusion of the Rio de Janeiro beach fashion and vibes into the coastal lives of Australian women. I believe that the bold style and new designs of the brand will impact and change the way Australian women feel through their clothing in the gym, on the beach, flowing through yoga or enjoying their body’s freedom of movement in all activities. 

Rio Soul Live Active is a revolution. A new feeling for movement. A new culture shift. We create to shape active life to YOUR needs.  

We have a mission to make you feel your best about yourself every day. Our products are designed to enhance your curves while providing comfort for you to feel confident and empowered from the inside out. Here at Rio Soul you can also feel supported and inspired by valuable content with your active lifestyle in mind through our Blog to help you not only through your workouts and nourishment, but for the growth of a powerful mindset. Research conducted by Australian Bureau of Statistics (2018) established that around 1 in 6 women in Australia will experience depression and 1 in 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime. At Rio Soul, we hold women’s health in our core values for everything that we strive for, which starts from the inside. We believe that together we can create a strong community to help and empower each other, and provide the support women need in all forms for both mental and physical wellbeing to shine their brightest. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means loving yourself. Perfection is not definitive in appearance but by feeling. For that reason, in our community we want to motivate you to live a better life for your inner radiance with love of your soul and respect of your body. The Rio Soul community is here to support you to nourish healthier, move more and love yourself