Our Product

We at Rio Soul believe all women should feel empowered in their bodies and that is why we desire to inspire the ignition of that inner spark through encouraging an active lifestyle for wellbeing. Our foremost objective at Rio Soul is to make you feel confident, comfortable and motivated to move through our beach and activewearEnsuring that each piece you wear supports your body and is designed to fit and flatter your curves. Inspired by the sexy style of Rio de Janeiro’s beach active life culture, we aim to deliver the soul of Rio to Australia.  

Seeking to provide the best of Brazil to you as you deserve, we have invested in our products to bring high quality Brazilian swim and activewear fabrics to Australia’s shores for its part in the beautiful beach and active life culture that we are proud our countries share 

Our selected suppliers of Brazil are well known in the fashion market of Brazil and have had their part in the industry for more than 30 years! 

 We have a partnership with technological fabric factories like EMANA