How can I start eating healthy?

How can I start eating healthy?

As you may already know, a balanced diet is the first step for being a healthy person. When you add working out to that, you’ll have the perfect formula for feeling better and more active - with your body and mind.

Having a good relationship with food can be a trick path. It’s hard to start, I know! However, there’s always a way. The Australia’s Government, for instance, has a project named Eat For Health, which helps you calculate how much energy you need in your day, such as how many calories you need to consume. Awesome, right?

Starting there, you can reach out to the types of food that you consume nowadays and adapt them so you can have a longer and healthier life. But, remember: healthy eating isn’t about cutting out all foods, it’s all about variety! Make sure you’re having a balanced diet according to your body type, knowing that there’s no “magic diet” for you out there.

How about you make a list of all you could replace, or even intercalate, in your eating habits? Come on, I’ll help you out:

  • Eat more fruits between meals;
  • Add more vegetables as lunch/dinner or snacks;
  • Eat fish, at least, 2 times a week;
  • Try using less salt and sugar when you cook; and
  • Add a lot of water in your routine. :) 

There you go. You have something to start thinking about what you want to change to be healthy and happy. It’s very important to consult your doctor before you start a life-changing diet. This will help you to achieve your goals in a natural and good way, ok? 

Eat better, stay active and have a good life! 

Source: Eat For Health 

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