Does water helps me exercise? Spoiler alert: yes, it does!

Does water helps me exercise? Spoiler alert: yes, it does!

Certainly you’ve already heard that it's important to drink water on a daily basis. I know, it seems like I’m your doctor… But don’t give up on me yet. As human beings, we’re at least 60% water; our blood, however, is more than 90% of this magic liquid! So, yes, I’ll sound a little like your doctor and say: for a healthy body, life and mind: you need to drink water.

Although there’s no universal agreement about how much water you should drink, doctors recommends that we reach out at least 3 liters of water per day. However, if we’re talking about staying hydrated and exercising, it’s important to remind yourself to drink water on a before-during-after workout routine:

  • Before: 1 liter 2-3 hours before you start;
  • During: Half liter 20-30 minutes during your warm-up and another half during the exercise; and 
  • After: 1 liter 30 minutes after you’re done.

But, how?! - you may ask - how does water helps my exercise routine?

Just so you can understand it a little better, I’ll leave some facts about drinking water and how it benefits your exercising - and your life. By drinking water, you…

  • Prevent illness so you can have a healthier life - take good care of your kidneys!;
  • May improve your exercise performance - as such as your state of mind;
  • Lubricate your body articulations - so you can move yourself better;
  • Keep your body breathing - moving oxygen through your blood; and
  • Regulate your body temperature -great for the hot-days workout.

Just remember: these recommendations may not apply to your kind of body or type of workout routine. Adjust as you may, but don’t you ever stop trying to reach the amount of water necessary per day. Deal? In doubt, always consult your doctor.

Stay hydrated and good exercising!

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